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Open 7 days a week - please phone for opening hoursClosed Easter Sunday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day
  • Address
  • The Greenhouse
  • Chilcot Nursery
  • Birchen Grove
  • Wembley
  • London
  • NW9 8RY
  • Types of Fish Sold
  • Marine
  • Tropical
  • Cold Water
  • Koi
  • Discus
  • Specialities
  • Discus Cichlids Catfish (especially Corydoras)

Opened in February 2000 it is one of the largest stores in the Maidenhead group with lots to see. To start, there is an 18,000-litre Koi display pond with a viewing window, enabling you to watch the huge Koi gliding around under the surface. You can feed them too, with bags of Koi food on sale in store.

Next is 5 huge display aquariums from a 2.75-metre long marine display tank, three 3-metre tropical display tanks and one 2.5-metre tropical display tanks to provide you with an amazing spectacle when visiting and to give you lots of inspiration and ideas. Some of the fish housed in the huge aquariums are : Arowana, Tropheus Cichlids, Torpedo Barbs, a massive shoal of Angel fish, Tangs, Butterfly fish, Chromis and our resident Pig Nose Turtle to name a few.

In store we have a huge selection of freshwater and marine livestock with over 350 aquariums with both common and unusual species.

The store specialises in Marine fish and invertebrates, Malawi Cichlids, Oddballs, German Discus, High quality Czech Republic bred fish such as Rams, Angel Fish, swordtails and Tetras, and has an excellent range of Fancy Goldfish.

In season we have a huge selection of English pond fish, Japanese Koi and high quality Dutch Pond plants and Lilies.

Brands stocked include : Oase, Hozelock, Fluval, Aquacare, Aquamanta, Greenseal Pond liner, Seashell, Superfish, TMC, Vitalis, Tetra, Blagdon, Evolution Aqua, Colombo, Red Sea, D & D to name a few.

Finally, set within the tranquil Welsh Harp Environmental Area this store must be one of London's best-kept secrets.

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