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Open 7 days a week - please phone for opening hoursClosed Easter Sunday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day
  • Address
  • Morden Hall Garden Centre
  • Morden Hall Road
  • Morden
  • Surrey
  • SM4 5JG
  • Types of Fish Sold
  • Marine
  • Tropical
  • Cold Water
  • Koi
  • Discus
  • Specialities
  • Unusual Tropical Fish Shrimps Aquarium Plants Marines

Maidenhead Aquatics at Morden first opened its doors in August 1993 and soon earned a great reputation for its large fish house and huge selection of livestock. This very popular store remained open for 20 years but was unfortunately forced to close in March 2013 when the landlord's lease came to an end.

We were delighted to re-open the store in 2015 for the sale of equipment and all dry goods! As well as a huge range of aquariums and associated equipment, it also has a great choice of pond pumps, food, filters, pond plants and liners on offer!

In addition, construction of the store's huge new fish house is now complete, meaning that a good selection of livestock is available. Species on offer include:

  • Platies, Swordtails and Mollies,
  • Tetras (neon , red eye , lemon , penguin , glowlight, phantom , serpae)
  • Gouramis (opaline , gold ,indian banded and gold thick lip
  • Cichlids, with lots of Malawis including some stunning Peacocks and Mbuna

The store also has a selection of central South Americans and angel fish, plus beautiful blood-red jewel cichlids, Corydoras (panda and peppered) and some stunning Odessa barbs. Marine species and corals will be coming soon, but please note that the store is not yet fully stocked and will continue to increase the levels and availability of their livestock with regular weekly deliveries. Please call on 0208 646 1066 if you have any queries or to check stock availability, and drop by soon!

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