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Bold Heath

Bold Heath

Open 7 days a week - please phone for opening hoursClosed Easter Sunday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day
  • Address
  • Wyevale Garden Centre
  • Mill Lane
  • Bold Heath
  • Widnes
  • Cheshire
  • WA8 3UU
  • Types of Fish Sold
  • Marine
  • tropical
  • Cold Water
  • Koi
  • Discus
  • Specialities
  • African cichlids Discus

Less than five minutes from the M62, this store is located to the west of Warrington on the A57. A landscaped display pond sits alongside the entrance and a large marine aquarium welcomes you as you enter the store. The huge selection of tanks and cabinets is one of the first features you'll notice and the showroom is one of the largest in the country. An enormous tropical display tank stands at the head of the livestock area where a good range of community fish can be found.

Rift-lake cichlids are a speciality at this store and a good selection of tank-bred species can be found. A softwater system houses Discus and other more demanding fish, including "L-number" plecs and Dwarf cichlids. As with most of our stores, Reverse Osmosis purified water is available for those wishing to keep these fish at home. A selection of hand-picked marine fish and invertebrates are available and staff are happy to select that special fish or coral that you may be after to complete your aquarium. Adjacent to the tropical area is a large Fancy goldfish system housing a diverse range of varieties from standard goldfish to Pearlscales and Ryukins.
Outside, the pond section carries a selection of Koi and other pond fish together with a fine range of pond plants and watergardening accessories. As with all stores, this varies according to season but essentials are available year-round. If you are considering a new aquarium and would like to view the largest choice available or would simply like to experience friendly service from enthusiastic fishkeepers, a visit to our Bold Heath branch is always worthwhile.

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'Top 20 Store in UK' Practical Fishkeeping Magazine- 2006

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