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Open 7 days a week - please phone for opening hoursClosed Easter Sunday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day
  • Address
  • Wyevale Country Gardens
  • London Road
  • Windlesham
  • Surrey
  • GU20 6LL
  • Types of Fish Sold
  • Tropical
  • Cold Water
  • Koi
  • Specialities
  • Malawi Cichlids, Temperate Species, Livebearers, Oddballs
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Having just celebrated it’s 25th birthday in July 2017, the Ascot store is one of the oldest and most well-known of the Maidenhead Aquatics stores, with a long list of regular clientele. It boasts a large selection of tropical freshwater species for the beginner or the well-seasoned fish keeper. This includes some of the rarer and more specialised species and oddballs within the vast selection of tropical fish available in the aquatic market today. If we don’t already stock a particular species you’re after then we can almost certainly source them!

We have one of the largest and most varied selection of African malawi cichlids in the South with the expertise to match! 24 dedicated tanks stocked to the brim with Mbuna, Lake Victorian and Aulonocara, your spoilt for choice! The beautiful display tank sitting on the end of our system showcases some of the potential species and amazing colour you could have in your tank, with smaller juveniles on sale to the customer. We regularly keep more peaceful beginner Malawi’s in stock whilst regularly rotating the more high end and rarer species, availability is limited however. We also stock a huge variety of rock and sand/gravel suitable to start any budding cichlid keepers tank.

We have a dedicated soft water system now, where some of the marine livestock used to be, which holds many of the rarer L-number species, examples such as Gold Nuggets are always readily available and stunning Blue Phantoms and Queen Arabesque making a regular appearance! And there are many more where that came from! Discus are now back in stock for those specialist keepers, with some unusual oddballs also kept on this system.

The fancies are an ever present and popular first pet in this store, with 10 tanks full to the brim with a lovely range of fantails like Red Caps, Calico, Red and Whites, Black Moors, Pearlscales, Ryukin and many more! We also have the very cute and popular Panda Moor! The fancy display tank to the left of the main entrance, is an eye catcher for the young children and a very good example for the correct size and condition to keep these cheeky fish.

The store also has one of the biggest and well stocked pond sections! With a huge variety of filters, pumps, treatments and pretty much everything else to suit your needs! The beautiful koi pond display is well worth a visit, with the opportunity for the little members to feed the koi throughout the day. During the pond season, normally the beginning of March until end of September, subject to weather, a wide variety of pond goldfish are well stocked, along with orfe, grass carp and the occasional sterlet on one side with the other containing 3 sizes of koi of mixed colour, with ghost koi and ogons also available through the season. Just to the back of end of the shop, we have 9-10 trays dedicated to a vast and diverse selection of pond plants and oxygenators, ranging from 1 litre marginals to contours and deep water lilies and many more! We are known for our pond expertise, so by all means pop in for a chat as we are more than happy to help!

Although we no longer have marine livestock instore, we continue to stock all your day to day essentails. Salt water and RO are always available to purchase, with a small selection of dry goods, food and equipment to keep your marine aquarium running smoothly.

The store stocks a huge range of ornaments, rock, plastic plants, bog wood, sand and gravel to get you started or replenish an existing tank.

The solid oak tanks are ever present and we keep several different displays for customers to take a look. They are stunning bits of furniture and a welcome focal point to any house hold, starting in the smaller cubes to 420 litre doors and draws variety. The occasional special edition is showcases when stock is available to purchase!

Hagen, Askoll, ADC, BiOrb’s are always on display here and available to purchase! With dedicated sections specific to the make and relevant media for tanks etc, well stocked and easy to locate!

AquaCare is our own brand and always a top quality food at excellent value, with the variety expanding all the time to suit every fish’s dietary needs, please feel free to ask for any information on products.

The staff here are very welcoming and boast a wealth of expertise! With some mainstays within our company, we are always happy to help. We pride ourselves on employing seasoned Fishkeepers with a basic knowledge and many keep fish themselves. We all retain a love and passion for the hobby and sharing it is what we aim to do!

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