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Aquarium Products

Aquarium Products

From aquariums to filters, specialist foods to test kits, you'll find everything you require to set up and maintain any type of Tropical, Marine and Coldwater aquarium. This is just a selection of the vast array of aquarium products that can be found throughout our stores. Please note that not all of our stores will have a particular item in stock, so we would always recommend calling them to check current availability. And if for any reason you still can’t find what you’re looking for, then we’ll do our very best to order it in for you. Additionally, many of these products are also available to purchase via our online store.

WhiteOakWhite Open TopAqua Oak 'Contemporary' 100cm AquariumFrom £799.99
VA43Aqua Oak 'Large Cube' Aquarium and Cabinet (AQ65C) £529.99
VA44Aqua Oak 'Small Cube' Aquarium and Cabinet (AQ55C) £379.99
(VA30)Aqua Oak 110cm 'Doors & Drawers' Aquarium and Cabinet (AQ110DD) £699.99
VA26Aqua Oak 110cm 'Wine Rack' Aquarium and Cabinet (AQ110WR) £699.99
In-Store OnlyVA47Aqua Oak 120cm x 60cm '2 Doors' Aquarium and Cabinet (AQ120D) £899.99
In-Store OnlyVA28Aqua Oak 150cm 'Drawers & Doors' Aquarium and Cabinet (AQ150DD) £1,149.99
In-Store OnlyVA27Aqua Oak 160cm 'Wine Rack' Aquarium and Cabinet (AQ160WR) £1,099.99
In-Store OnlyVA31Aqua Oak 180cm 'Doors & Drawers' Aquarium and Cabinet (AQ180DD) £1,299.99
VA34Aqua Oak 76cm 'Two Doors' Aquarium and Cabinet (AQ76D) £499.99
Free DeliveryEcotech Marine Radion™ XR15 Pro G4 LEDEcotech Marine Radion XR15w Pro Generation 4 LED £365.49
Free DeliveryRadion XR30w G4 LEDEcotech Marine Radion XR30w Generation 4 LED £599.49
Free DeliveryEcotech Marine Radio XR30w Pro LEDEcotech Marine Radion XR30w Pro Generation 4 LED £735.49
Ecotech RMS Hanging WireEcotech Marine Spare Hanging Wire Set for RMS Rail £42.99
Vectra L1 Screen & Barb KitEcotech Marine Spare Marine L1 Vectra™ Screen & Barb Kit £11.99
In-Store OnlyVectra M1 Screen & Barb KitEcotech Marine Spare Marine M1 Vectra™ Screen & Barb Kit £9.99
Free DeliveryRadion XR15w DiffuserRadion XR30w DiffuserEcotech Marine Spare Radion DiffuserFrom £53.49
18.5 - 28.5 inches28.5 - 38.5 inches38.5 - 48.5 inchesEcotech Marine Spare RMS Track From £43.99
Free DeliveryEcotech RMS XR15 MountEcotech Marine Spare RMS XR15 Mount £85.49
Free DeliveryEcotech RMS XR30 MountEcotech Marine Spare RMS XR30 Mount £95.99
In-Store OnlyVectra Battery Booster CableEcotech Marine Spare Vectra Battery Booster Cable £28.99
In-Store OnlyVectra Power Supply BracketEcotech Marine Spare Vectra Power Supply Bracket £15.99
Free DeliveryEcotech Marine Battery BackupEcotech Marine Spare VorTech Battery Backup £179.99
In-Store OnlyVorTech™ Driver MountEcotech Marine Spare VorTech Driver Mount £13.99
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