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Filter Media

Filter Media

Replacement media for your aquarium filter

In-Store Only117sAqua One Aqua Nano 60 80 Sponge 117s £5.49
In-Store OnlyAqua OneAqua One Lifestyle 52L Carbon Cartridge (2pk) 2c £8.69
In-Store OnlyAqua OneAqua One Lifestyle 52L Sponge Pad (2pk) 2s £5.49
In-Store OnlyAqua OneAqua One Nano Bow Front 60 80 Carbon Cartridge (2pk) £7.99
In-Store Only25102CAqua One Nano Bow Front 60 80 Ceramic Cartridge £4.49
In-Store Only59sAqua One UFO 550 Sponge Pad (2pk) 59s £6.99
In-Store Only59wAqua One UFO 550 Wool Pad (2pk) 59w £5.99
In-Store OnlyCF1CF2CF3AquaTropic Internal Cartridge Filter 1 Month Service KitFrom £3.49
In-Store OnlyCF1CF2CF3AquaTropic Internal Cartridge Filter, 3 Month Service KitFrom £6.99
In-Store Only156cAquaVue 380 Cartridge Pack Carbon & Ceramic 156c £3.99
In-Store Only156wAquaVue 380 Wool Pad 156w £2.49
In-Store Only157cAquaVue 480 Cartridge Pack Carbon & Ceramic 157c £6.99
In-Store Only157wAquaVue 480 Wool Pad 157w £2.99
In-Store Only157iAquaVue 480/580 Impeller 157i £5.49
In-Store Only158cAquaVue 580 Cartridge Pack Carbon & Ceramic 158c £7.49
In-Store Only158wAquaVue 580 Wool Pad 158w £3.49
Askoll 'PURE' Media Kit For Medium, Large & Extra Large AquariumsAskoll 'PURE' Media Kit For Medium, Large & Extra Large Aquariums £14.99
Askoll 'PURE' Media Kit For Small AquariumsAskoll 'PURE' Media Kit For Small Aquariums £9.99
Media KitAskoll Media Kit M/L/XL Multipack 3+1 £44.99
Askoll PureMax Mini Ceramic RingsAskoll PureMax Mini Ceramic Rings 100g £9.99
In-Store Only25SAqua One Maxi Sponge Pad 101F Internal Filter (1pk) 25s £2.99
In-Store Only26SAqua One Maxi Sponge Pad 102F Internal Filter (1pk) 26s £3.99
In-Store Only27SAqua One Maxi Sponge Pad 103F Internal Filter (2pk) 27s £5.49
In-Store Only28SAqua One Maxi Sponge Pad 104F Internal Filter (2pk) 28s £5.99

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