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Twinpack Stopblanketweed Purepond Final Ma 1460371844
Twinpack Stopblanketweed Purepond Final Ma 1460371844

Stop Blanketweed & Pure Pond Twin Pack


Twin Pack bundle of two "must-have" Evolution Aqua products, exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics! Ideal for those looking to achieve crystal clear, healthy pond water. Pack size treats ponds up to 10,000 litres.

STOP Blanketweed is an effective treatment of filamentous algae, commonly known as blanket weed in ornamental and garden ponds. Blanket weed is one of the most hated problems of pond keeping and a nuisance to everyone as it makes your pond unsightly, blocks filters, pumps and pipes. STOP Blanketweed is a unique product which will successfully eradicate blanket weed when used as instructed.

PURE POND are biodegradable balls, crammed full of live bacteria that are slowly released when they are needed most to break down Ammonia and Nitrite while cleaning up organic waste. With over 8,000,000,000 bacteria per litre of Pure Pond balls, your pond will shine even more than normal, especially if you add them monthly into the K1 moving bed media, or into any other type of filter you may have.

Twin Pack includes:

  • Stop Blanketweed 500g
  • Pure Pond 500ml

Pack size suitable for ponds up to 10,000 litres.

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