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Superfish 150W Pond Heater


The 150w Superfish Pond Heater will float around on your pond surface and keep an area of surface water free of ice. This allows oxygen into the pond and also to let harmful toxins and gases to escape.

Without this ice free area it is highly likely that your pond fish will either suffocate or be poisoned by the build up of toxic gas.

Keeping an area of the pond free from ice also provides a source of open water for wild birds to drink and bathe.

Superfish Pond Heater Features:

  • 150 watts stainless steel
  • Floats on the pond surface
  • 5 metres of outdoor rubberised cable
  • Tested at minus 20 degrees celcius
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Ice Free area enabling birds and other wildlife a source of water

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