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Seneye Reef Remote Aquarium Monitor


This revolutionary water monitoring device allows you to continuously track the changes in the water parameters, alerting you to the problems before they affect the fish.

    The Seneye Reef is a vital part of setting up and maintaining a healthy high quality aquarium. The device is must for all fishkeepers ranging from first timers to experienced fishkeepers.

    Why would a fish keeper want a Seneye: When you purchase an aquarium, a filter to keep the water clean, heaters to keep the water constant, lights for illumination and plant growth then all the fish and plants to go with this it can become very costly. A lot of fishkeepers take a dangerous next step of hoping for the best or spending half of their lives buying test kits and checking all is okay. There is an alternative, let Seneye protect your loved ones. A Seneye through its precision sensors will remotely monitor your aquariums water level, temperature, light level, pH and ammonia readings whilst then informing you should anything go wrong.

    Using a Seneye: A Seneye is very easy to use and set up. simply unbox and connect the usb to your laptop or PC and place the sensor into the water. From here you'll need to visit the Seneye website and download the desktop app, once launched you will be able to set parameters and monitor your aquarium.

    Reef vs Home Seneye: The reef seneye will do everything the home seneye does but has further marine specific sensors. The reef monitors PAR, LUX and Kelvin to keep your corals healthy

    pH and ammonia readings: pH in an aquarium or pond is very important to understand as many fish will only thrive within a certain range. Even though fish are good at adjusting to pH levels over time, sudden changes can kill. All fish excrete ammonia as a waste product and if it builds up in aquarium water it will quickly become toxic. Free ammonia (NH3) is a toxic gas and is the number 1 killer of fish. Traditional ammonia test kits measure NH4 and until now people have not been able to monitor NH3 at the low levels that are toxic. Both pH and ammonia are killers in an aquarium and can occur due to innocent acts of over feeding for example or adding untreated tap water. Should a potentially fatal spike in either of these occur an alert will be sent via SMS or Email to inform you of the issue, allowing you to take action and save your loved pets.

    Equipment readings: No aquarium or pond, however mature or high quality the equipment in use is, can be guaranteed as stable and never to crash. All electrical equipment can fail and will end up breaking. A Seneye constantly watches for these dangerous changes which are undetectable to the human eye. Seneye monitors parameters such as light level, water temperature, water level, which are key to the survival of aquatic life and likely to change very fast when something does go wrong. Should a parameter read outside of your settings an alert will be sent to your phone or email alerting you to any issue allowing you solve the problem accordingly.

    - Temperature
    - Water level
    - Ammonia
    - pH
    - Light Level

    - Free personal cloud monitoring software
    - Email/SMS alerts with advice
    - Constant water monitoring
    - Monitor PAR, LUX and Kelvin to keep your corals healthy

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