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Reef Tide Slim Skew 2 Sml
Reef Tide Slim Skew 2 SmlLayer 0
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Reef Tide S 4000 Circulation Pump


The Reef Tide wave make will produce constant water movement within your freshwater or marine aquarium.

The importance of circulation pumps: When building your ideal aquarium a wave maker may not be considered as piece of equipment you need. Some fear wave makers as they believe that it can cause damage to plants and slow growth whilst also being dangerous for fish. Circulation pumps shouldn't have any affect on growth or harm your fish, the true benefits of a wave maker are as follows:

If you plan to add soft corals or live plants to your aquarium, the constant movement of water will allow the plants to move more freely giving a realistic feel to your aquarium whilst making it more natural for your fish. In their natural environment, fish are used to plant movement and swimming against waves, o the addition of a Reef-Tide will be beneficial for your fishes mood and health. Whilst a filter helps to circulate water, it won't give the same results as a wave maker, especially in larger aquariums where there will be areas that can have very little water movement.


- Natural looking aquarium
- Stimulates fish, helps with overall health of fish
- Water movement in an aquarium helps keep the water balanced

Key Features:

- High flow / low voltage DC water circulation pumps
- Compact design for tanks with limited space
- Four pre-set waves with controller supplied
- Innovative impeller replicates natural wave patterns
- Multiple time settings with push button 10 minute feed timer
- Quick and easy magnet mount to glass or acrylic up to 15mm thick

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