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Red Sea Iodine+ (Coral Colors A) 500ml
Red Sea Iodine+ (Coral Colors A) 500ml
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Red Sea Iodine+ (Coral Colors A) 500ml


Coral Coloration Program...

Coral Coloration Program

Red Sea’s research has identified 31 minor and trace elements that in addition to the foundation elements are present in the skeleton and soft tissue of all corals. The Coral Color Supplement family divides these elements into four groups - Coral Colors A, B, C and D that are related by the biological functions they perform. They are also associated with the production of specific color pigments in the soft tissue of stony corals. These pigments can only be produced if the specific elements required for the bio-chemical process are available in the correct concentration. All 31 elements are required by all stony corals irrespective of the actual color the coral displays.
Supplementing to a measured uptake
Coral color supplements have been formulated such that the ratio of the elements in each supplement is the same as that found in the skeleton and soft tissue of corals.
Our research has identified a constant ratio between each of the Coral Colors and the overall consumption of calcium, which is proportional to coral growth and metabolic activity. This provides an easy and safe method of dosing all Coral Colors Supplements based on a measured calcium uptake.
Coral Colors A, B and C each contain a leading element (iodine, potassium and iron) that is accurately measurable with Red Sea’s unique Coral Colors Pro Test Kits. For more advanced LPS and SPS aquariums Coral Colors A, B and C can therefore be dosed precisely according to the total demand of the reef for these elements.
Coral Colors Supplements:
Coral Color A
Coral Color A is a complex of halogens (iodine, bromine and fluorine). The halogens act both as antioxidants and oxidative agents within the soft tissue and mucus layer of corals, reducing the possibilities for coral bleaching. In active reef system these elements are depleted very quickly due to their high oxidative abilities and reactivity with organic materials. Iodine and bromine are related to the pink chromo-protein (pocciloporin).
Coral Color B
Coral Color B is a complex of potassium and boron. Potassium has an essential role in the transportation of coral nutrients within the soft tissue including the nutrients provided by the Zooxanthellae. Potassium and boron have a significant effect on the alkalinity inside the coral soft tissue and play a role in the formation of aragonite in the coral skeleton. Potassium is related to the red chromo-proteins.
Coral Color C
Coral Color C is a complex of eight “light” metals that includes iron, manganese, cobalt, copper, aluminum, zinc, chrome and nickel. They are essential micro-elements with fundamental roles in many bio-chemical metabolic processes including respiration and production of energy, chlorophyll and photosynthetic catalysts. C-elements are related to the green/yellow chromo-proteins.
Coral Color D
Coral Color D is a complex of 18 trace elements. These 18 elements (out of all the trace elements in NSW) participate in different metabolic processes inside coral skeleton and soft tissue. D elements are related to the blue/purple chromo-proteins.
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