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Aqua Terra Plus
Aqua Terra PlusBacter Kit Aqua Terra

Prodibio Aqua Terra Plus



Complete premium aquatic substrate for healthy and sustainable growth pf aquarium plants. With heather plant soil, pozzolanic ash, dolomite, Biovert Coal (coal from recycling of plant waste) and mycorrhizae.

Directions of use: Pour 1cm of water at the bottom of your tank. Carefully break eaxh side of each vial contained in a Bacterkit Soil. Pour the content of eah vial in the water and mix. Spread a layer of AquaTerra Plus of at least 5cm (2 inches) thick in the water and add another a layer of sand or gravel on top. Our selection of mycorrihizae improves both the absorption capacity of the root system of your plants and strengths the leaves resistance.

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