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Heat Up 25
Heat Up 25

Oase HeatUp 25 Aquarium Heater

£20.99 £26.99A saving of £6.00

Oase HeatUp 25 - Reliably warm​​

Oase HeatUp 25 - Reliably warm

Although fish are considered to be cold-blooded animals, they do not like extreme temperature fluctuations. Consequently, particularly for tropical fish and plants, a heater that ensures warm temperatures is always required. The robust HeatUp 25 adjustable heater regulates precisely, and thanks to its patented control system enable precise adjustment.

Product characteristics:

  • Precise: Patented* control system enables precise readjustment of the temperature (+ / - 3 °C)
  • Sensitive: Uniform temperature level thanks to patented bi-metal technology
  • Underwater: Perfect for submerged use
  • Robust: High-quality workmanship for continuous operation
  • Easy installation: Including holder
  • Function check: The heating function is displayed via the activated control light

Dimensions (Ø x H): 23 x 205 mm

Rated voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption: 25 W

Power cable length: 1,5 m

Net weight: 0,24 kg

Guarantee*G: 3 Years

Suitable for fresh water: Yes

Suitable for sea water: Yes

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