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Bio Compact 50
Bio Compact 50Bio Compact 50 ComponentsBiocompact Range

Oase BioCompact 50 Internal Filter

£18.99 £23.99A saving of £5.00

Effective internal filter, even in the smallest spaces

Effective internal filter, even in the smallest spaces

Product characteristics:

  • Flexible: Since it can also be installed horizontally, it is also suitable for use in paludariums
  • Economical: Extremely quiet and energy-efficient pump
  • Adjustable: The water flow rate can be adjusted individually on the water diffuser
  • Optimal filtration: The fine active charcoal foam in the BioCompact 25 ensures effective water filtration. For the BioCompact 50 active charcoal included in the scope of delivery can also be replaced with other filter media, the chamber can be filled as desired by the customer
  • Efficient: Large filter surface in the smallest space for effective water filtration

Suitable for aquariums up to max.: 50 l

Dimensions (L x W x H): 85 x 47 x 120 mm

Power consumption: 5 W

Power cable length: 1.5 m

Net weight: 0.3 kg

Guarantee*G: 3 Years

Max. flow rate: 240 l/h

Max. head height: 0.4 m

Filter volume: 0.2 l

Suitable for fresh water: Yes

Suitable for sea water: Yes

Stockist PU: 2

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