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Pt1715 Pressure Flo Low Res
Pt1715 Pressure Flo Low Res
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Laguna Pressure-Flo High Performance Pressurised Pond Filter with UVC Steriliser



The Pressure-Flo pressurised pond filter provides important water filtration functions that are essential for everyday pond maintenance: mechanical and biological filtration, as well as UVC sterilization.

The Laguna Pressure-Flo has a wide range of benefits resulting in a top quality product that helps pondkeepers enjoy the hobby. These benefits include a unique water vortex filtering process, mechanical filtration to remove small particles, BioRock for biological filtering and a UV bulb to remove evidence of green water. With this highly effective unique vortex filtering method pushes water down and through the filter sponge trapping all the small particles, this vortex process does however allow for a build up of particles on the outside of the sponges. Laguna have developed a user friendly back wash system that reverses the vortex and uses two internal blades that clean the sponges, this waste water can then be used as a natural fertilised water packed with nutrients that will help your surrounding garden grow. The filter comes equipped with a cleaning indicator that takes the guess work out of maintenance intervals.

Pressure-Flo is designed to work in tandem with a solids handling pump, ideally a Laguna Max-Flo waterfall and filter pump. With the filter connected to the pump, water enters the unit through a water inlet. It then passes through the mechanical filtration stage, consisting of highly durable foam filters that intercept and trap dirt and debris.

Next, water enters a biological filtration chamber where it comes into contact with BioRock biological filter media which remove ammonia, and harbour beneficial bacteria keeping the water healthy for plants and fish. Dirt-free water then passes along an integrated UV-C lamp, where it is exposed to ultraviolet rays that inhibit the growth of algae. Water finally returns to the pond thoroughly cleansed. This patented system is the only one of its kind. Backwash cleaning can easily and comfortably be completed in a few minutes without opening the lid. This feature ensures that the filter performs at optimal levels for many days and prolongs the time between full maintenance sessions. An easy-to-view cleaning indicator signals when it's time to perform backwash cleaning.

Flow Rate3000LPH6000LPH10000LPH14000LPH
Unit Size Diameter x Height28.5 x 35cm28.5 x 51cm36.5 x 52.5cm36.5 x 64cm
Canister Height23cm38.5cm40cm50cm
Canister Volume10L17.5L31L40L
UV Bulb11W11W18W24W
Power Cord Length4.8m4.8m4.8m4.8m
Foam Pieces3445

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