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Laguna PowerClear Multi
Laguna PowerClear MultiLaguna PowerClear MultiLaguna PowerClear Multi explodedLaguna PowerClear 3000 Multi InsideLaguna PowerClear Multi in use
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Laguna PowerClear Multi


Laguna PowerClear Multi All in One Pump, Filter and UV unit for ponds


Laguna’s new PowerClear Multi Three-In-One unit provides industry leading filtration, water circulation and UVC sterilisation. PowerClear Multi is simple to install and easy to maintain.

The NEW PowerClear Multi offers superior Biological filtration which is achieved through revolutionary Bio-Brick media. This biological media is made from an all natural, kiln fired, clay based material with thousands of small air filled cavities perfect for growing beneficial bacteria. This brick also acts as an anchor the weight allows the filter to stay fitted to the bottom of the pond. Durable, convoluted foams provide superb mechanical filtration. This rigid, foam pad provides a greater surface area due to the convoluted or “egg crate” design, requiring less cleaning and maintenance.

The PowerClear also has an implemented safety feature called an Earth Bond. If another product is leaking current into your pond then the filter will switch off stopping any chance of it breaking. The filter also features a handle on top of the box to allow you to easily lift the filter out of the water for maintenance. Another useful feature is the indicate light that tells you when the the UV bulb needs replacing. Finally the filter comes equipped with a fountain outlet.

The way the PowerClear filter works is water is drawn in one end through laguna's specially designed easy flow casing that catches large debris. The water is drawn through the foam pad and the BioBlock this removes and small particles and breaks down ammonia. The impeller pushes the water towards the UV bulb that breaks down the algae and stops green water.

Powered by European-engineers who quality check each product at every stage of manufacture.

Main Features:

• Mechanical filtration through indented foams assure higher filtration surface area

• Biological filtration through revolutionary Bio-Brick

• Powerful UV bulb to eliminate green water

• Powerful pump to allow both fountain and waterfall

Max Waterfall Height1.6m2.4m
Flow Rate (Lph)21002700
Pump Wattage18W30W
UV Wattage9W9W
Cable Length10m10m

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