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Jbl Nano Start
Jbl Nano Start
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JBL Nano-Start


Bacteria starter for small freshwater aquariums.

Nature at Home – Home for fish and plants 
Fish and invertebrates need to feel as much at home in the aquarium as they do in the wild. Convert aquarium water into biotope water to protect your aquarium dwellers. When setting up a new aquarium and during a partial water change the aquarium needs beneficial bacteria to biologically clean the water and to rapidly break down pollutants. It activates new filter media, cleaned filters and filters after the use of medications, clean water, quick breakdown of ammonium/ammonia and nitrite. During water changes, initial setup of aquariums and after fish diseases. Bacteria starter for biological active and efficient filters. Bacteria starters contain highly active, beneficial bacteria which break down ammonium/ammonia and nitrite in the water. At the same time they degrade fish excrements and other waste. Advantages of bacteria starters: living bacteria for efficient filtering. 

Add complete bottle content into the setup aquarium and start filter. Treat the fresh tap water inside the aquarium at least one hour before the use of JBL Nano-Start with Nano-Biotopol or JBL Nano-Biotopol Betta, to protect the cleansing bacteria in JBL Nano-Start. 

Recommendation Weekly water change of 30%, since waste and inhibiting substances for plants accumulate faster in small volumes of water. Fresh tap water needs to be treated by adding JBL Nano Biotopol so that problematic copper and chlorine, to which the shrimps and snails react sensitively, can do no harm. After each water change add JBL Nano-Crusta to ensure healthy moulting and clear, vibrant colouring.

  • For aquarium water to suit fish and invertebrates: for the initial setup, water changes and bacterial restarts after fish diseases for small freshwater aquariums
  • For the use of new filters, after filter cleaning and the use of medications
  • Essential live helpers for effective filtering: breakdown of toxic ammonia and nitrite by highly active live bacteria
  • Use: add complete bottle content into setup aquarium (up to 60 l) and start the filter. Recommendation: weekly water change of 30 %
  • Contents: 1 bottle Nano-Start, 15 ml. Use: 15 ml/60 l aquarium water

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