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Jbl Magnesiu Marin
Jbl Magnesiu Marin
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JBL MagnesiuMarin


Magnesium supplement for marine aquariums.

Nature at Home – home for tropical reef dwellers 

Lower animals and corals need to feel as much at home in the aquarium as they do in nature. Convert the aquarium water into biotope water and provide your animals with a regular supply of minerals and trace elements. Also for water change and setting up of new aquariums. 

Ideal development of the skeleton and shell 
The popular calciferous red algae and invertebrate animals in a reef aquarium, which form a calcareous skeleton or calcareous shell, require magnesium in sufficient quantities for ideal skeleton and shell formation. Soft corals, sponges, sea urchins, crustaceans, bivalves, gastropods etc. also belong to these animals, as well as stony corals.

  • For the professional maintenance of reef aquariums, especially for beautiful calciferous red algae and strong corals
  • Liquid magnesium supplement – needs to be adjusted to a magnesium content between 1200 and 1400 mg/l.
  • Easy and effective dosing: add liquid magnesium supplement to strong current points in marine aquariums
  • Content can be checked with: JBL Ca/Mg Test Set (not included)
  • Package contents: 1 MagnesiuMarin. Use: 50ml increase by 50 mg/l in 50 l

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