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Jbl Filter Boost
Jbl Filter Boost
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JBL FilterBoost


Bacteria to enhance the filter performance for freshwater and marine aquariums.

Nature at Home – Home for fish and plants 
Fish and invertebrates need to feel as much at home in the aquarium as in the wild Transform your aquarium water into biotope-like water to protect your aquarium dwellers. FilterBoost promotes the breakdown of organic sediments, reduces the slime formation and prolongs the filter cleaning intervals. 

Advantages of JBL FilterBoost 
It prevents the filter from becoming clogged from the start – the filter material needs cleaning less often.

  • Optimises the filter performance and prolongs the intervals between filter cleaning. For setting-up new aquariums and after water changes and fish diseases for freshwater/marine aquariums, turtle and shrimp tanks
  • Put the granulate into the pre-filter or the first filter stage of your internal or external filter
  • Sludge breakdown by pure bacteria cultures. No clogging of filter materials. The filter needs cleaning less often
  • Bacteria activated granulate: sufficient for 5 - 6 l filter volume
  • Package contents: 1 pack FilterBoost, 25 ml. Use: 25 g/5 - 6 l filter volume

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