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JBL Biotopol Refill (625ml)
JBL Biotopol Refill (625ml)
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JBL Biotopol Refill 625ml


JBL Biotopol Refill 625ml Environment friendly packed water conditioner

JBL Biotopol Refill 625ml

Fish and invertebrates need to feel as much at home in the aquarium as in the wild Transform your aquarium water into biotope-like water to protect your aquarium dwellers. Clean aquarium water – optimal water quality. When setting up a new aquarium, during partial a water change and after the use of remedies. Tap water contains heavy metals, such as copper, zinc and lead. To make the water suitable to the requirements of the fish, it must be free of heavy metals, chlorine and chloramine. The water is made suitable for fish by neutralising these substances using dedicated water conditioners. With its aloe vera, Biotopol also ensures that mucous membranes, gills, skin and fins are protected. Aloe vera provides protection from stress, protects the fish’s mucous membranes noticeably and reduces the risk of disease with its vitamin B complex. Chelators enclose heavy metals and aggressive substances are removed during the next partial water change. Chlorine is transformed into harmless chloride, dangerous chlorine and chloramine are neutralised.

Environment friendly packed water conditioner:

  • Quickly conditions mains water to biotope aquarium water.
  • Composition 100% identical to the original bottle.
  • 500 ml + 125 ml free of charge
  • You save money
  • JBL saves packaging material
  • 1 litre to 40 litres Water = 625 ml for 2500 litres aquarium water
  • Environmental protection for every aquatics enthusiast.

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