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1037 01 Aq Fl A1336 Clear X Box
1037 01 Aq Fl A1336 Clear X Box

Fluval Flex Edge Spec Clear EX Filter Pad


Created for use with the Fluval Flex, Spec and Evo series, these new filter media introductions are designed specifically for small aquarium environments that are susceptible to rapid changes in water chemistry. Incorporate it as part of your regular multi-stage filtration process to help reduce the risk of ammonia spikes as well as nitrite and phosphate fluctuations.

AMMONIA REMOVER Fluval Ammonia Remover is designed to neutralize toxic ammonia, a common issue for new, heavily stocked and overfed aquariums.

• Ideal for emergency ammonia 1 spikes

• Removes toxic ammonia to prevent fish loss

• Supports a healthy environment when setting up a new aquarium

• Ideal for use after medicating fish Reduces fish stress

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