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Fluval 'E'  Advanced Electronic Heater300
Fluval 'E'  Advanced Electronic Heater300300 Fluval 'E'  Advanced Electronic Heater
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Fluval 'E' Advanced Electronic Heater



Simply the most technologically advanced aquarium heater available today, the Fluval E Advanced Electronic Heater with VueTech technology delivers peace of mind by continuously displaying real time water temperature. Equipped with an intelligent digital microprocessor monitoring system with dual temperature sensors, this heater continuously monitors and displays aquarium water temperature, ensuring the safety and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants.

Simple Control
Fluval have developed this excellent feature i which allows you to control temperature in 0.5-degree increments. This is indicated we by the red leaver and large plus and minus symbols making temperature control very easy.

Added Safety
Fluval have created an integrated fish guard that provides advanced protection for your fish. The protective casing prevents fish and decor from coming into contact with or damaging the heater core.

Slim Mounting Bracket
The slim profile mounting bracket will secure your heater to the side of the aquarium. Heater can be adjusted or removed independently of of the bracket.

To find out more about these heaters, view the video below:

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