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Fluval 07 External Canister Filter



The All-New 07 series marks the 7th incarnation in nearly 4 decades of Fluval's top selling canister filter family worldwide. Not only does the latest generation incorporate the power and reliability you've come to expect from the leader in aquatic filtration, but it also features several new performance upgrades that make it up to 25% quieter and more robust, energy-efficient, flexible and easier to use than ever before.

eTEC (Efficient Technology) is at the heart of the 07 series. It’s a synergistic process where forward-thinking design, cutting edge materials, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes come together to deliver powerful pump performance, reduced energy consumption and ultra-quiet operation.

Quiet, precise copper wound bobbin, impeller magnet, impeller fan blade, hardened alumina ceramic axle, rubber shaft mount and co-moulded, high-flex polymer impeller cover, result in up to 25% quieter operation.

The 07 now comes with rubber feet stabilisers:

  • Redesigned and substantially enlarged
  • Offers more of a solid base
  • Great vibration-dampening capabilities
  • Provides added canister protection

Powerful Depending on the model selected, the 07 series generates between 145-383 US Gal (550-1450 L/h) of constant pumping power and pressure that endures over time.

Maximum Water Column Height:

107 – 1.45m

207 – 1.45m

307 – 1.75m

407 – 2.25m


07 filters are big on power, yet small on energy consumption. The 107 and 207 models, for example, draw as little as 10 watts of electrical energy, which is equivalent to a single household LED lightbulb.

Fast Action Maintenance

Aquastop Valve:

  • New ergonomic design and raised lip for smoother operation
  • Extensive plastic ribbing design
  • 2x stronger than previous generation

Lift Lock Motorhead Clamps:

  • Single action dual locking clamps for quick release and attachment (half the clamps of most competitive filters)
  • New fibre-reinforced material

Quick Primer:

  • Redesigned – requires less pumps to engage
  • New fibre-reinforced priming handle is 7x stronger
  • Larger easy grip handle provides fast, effortless start-ups
  • Better performance with less fuss (can be operated with 2 fingers)

E2-Lift Media Baskets:

  • New centre handle allows main media stack to be removed with 1 finger for quick media access
  • No need to empty canister of water in order to remove baskets – less mess

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