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Azure Dispenser
Azure DispenserAzure Dispenser 2

Askoll Roboformula Azure Dispenser

£24.99 £49.99A saving of £25.00

Automatically dispenses the Azure treatment based on the aquarium's capacity.

Clearance Product - Last minute bargain or discontinued product line. Please note that whilst this clearance product may also be available in some of our stores, this product cannot be specifically ordered or price-matched in stores where it is out of stock.

    Automatically dispenses the treatment based on the aquarium's capacity.

    A unique patented system for use with Askoll Azure Formula cartridges.

    Designed to complement the Askoll Pure aquarium range, it is inserted into the dedicated compartment which is already fitted but can be used in any aquarium.

    DescriptionProgrammable electronic additive dispenser.
    Kit contentDispenser, 1 FORMULA AZURE cartridge, 1 delivery tube, 3 suction cups, 3 Tube guiding elements, 1 Wall passing through element, 1 Adapter for aquarium Pure L
    Works with2x AA batteries

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