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Aquarius Fountain Set
Aquarius Fountain SetAquarius Fountain Set2
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Oase Aquarius Fountain Set Classic 1500


The Oase Aquarius Fountain Set includes everything you need to generate powerful water circulation and beautiful water fountain displays in small ponds. Adding pond water aeration is not only beneficial for your fish, who need oxygen to survive, but will also improve the overall health of your pond's ecosystem. A fountain pump allows this to happen by disbursing the water allowing oxygen to enter into your pond. Aeration not only helps improve the health of your fish but it also reduces pond muck from building up at the bottom of your pond.

Second Outlet:

The Aquarius range comes equip with a second outlet that is suitable for 1/2" to 1" hoses. This outlet will allow you to run a small water course or power one of Oases decorative water sprouts.

Water Patterns:

The Oase Aquarius comes with three different fountain attachments that can be easily taken out and swapped between. These fountain heads include Vulcan Lava and Magma.

  • Second, separately adjustable outlet
  • 3 fountain attachments for different water patterns included in the scope of delivery
  • Easy mechanical adjustment of the fountain height
  • Telescopic pipe extension with integrated swivel head for individual alignment of the fountain
  • Base footings for stable positioning on the pond floor
  • Integrated thermo protection

Please note that as an outdoor electrical item, this product is not supplied with a plug.

Power consumptionW911254070
Max. flow ratel/h7201000150025003400
Max. head height, metresm1.
Number of nozzlesUnit33333
Setup typeUnderwater installation onlyUnderwater installation onlyUnderwater installation onlyUnderwater installation onlyUnderwater installation only

Setup typeUnderwater installation onlyUnderwater installation onlyUnderwater installation
Underwater installation onlyUnderwater installation only

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