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Aqua Pond Care Sludge Control
Aqua Pond Care Sludge Control
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AquaPond Care Pond Sludge Control


Maintaining a clear and healthy pond. Sludge Buster introduces bacteria that ill consume sludge and waste in the pond created through the ponds natural cycles or after a course of treatment to remove algae etc.


Sludge Buster contains cultures of biological organisms which actively consume organic sludge and so takes the hard work out of keeping your pond clean and healthy.
Ponds produce large amounts of organic sludge such as dead vegetation, algae and excess food. This sludge blocks pumps and filters, and chokes ponds. The only means of control previously has been time-consuming and messy manual cleaning.

Key Features:

• Creates a healthy clean pond by actively consuming pond sludge
• Safe - will not harm fish, plants or pond wildlife
• Easy to use

Use 10ml per 360 litres (44 gallons)

  • 250ml bottle treats 4546 litres (1200 gallons)
  • 500ml bottle treats 6062 litres (1600 gallons)


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