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AquaPond Care Fungus & Bacteria Treatment (Pond Fish)


AquaPond Care Fungus & Bacteria Treatment (Pond Fish).


Effective, concentrated and easy to use formula. Treating fungus, fin rot and mouth rot organisms on goldfish, koi and carp.

The Fungus & bacteria Treatment by AquaPond Care works fast to mouthrot and other external bacterial problems in pond fish. This targeted treatment is wildlife safe and is for the treatment of cotton wool-like fungus and finrot.

Use 10ml per 454 litres (119 gallons)

  • 250ml bottle treats 2273 litres (600 gallons)
  • 1000ml bottle treats 9092 litres (2400 gallons)

5 day course of treatment for 2,273 litres (500 gallons)

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