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Aqua Max Eco
Aqua Max Eco
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Oase AquaMax Eco Premium 8000 Pond Pump


The Oase AquaMax Eco Premium range of pond pumps offers the top quality performance you would expect from such a widely trusted manufacturer, with lower running costs and greater efficiency. The flow rate remains reliable even at very low settings.

Oase Aquamax have a great reputation for reliability and quality. Over the years the design has been greatly improved and this market leading pump has been overhauled again with the latest model the Aquamax Eco Classic. A new cage design brings these pumps bang up to date and the highly efficient motor has some of the lowest wattage ratings and energy consumption of any pond filter pump.

Coarse Debris Displacement:

The large surface wrap around strainer allows coarse debris particles like fish waste or dead plants up to 8mm to pass through with ease. Larger debris gets caught reducing the amount of filter maintenance that is required, thanks to the caging this can be considered the first filter stage. The case has also been cleverly designed to allow water flow even when large debris gets caught.

Specialist Stepped Hose:

Scope of delivery includes a stepped hose adapter with suitable stainless steel hose clamps. This useful feature allows the user to select the size hose they want to use. This means you have more control over the volume and speed of the water flow.

Energy Efficient Motor:

The efficient OASE engine is particularly economical and effectively reduces running costs. The pump also includes a safety mechanism the pump will automatically turn off during dry running, when blocked and is there is a heavy resistance of water flow this it try and protect the motor and impeller.

2nd Inlet:

A 2nd inlet has been added to the premium AquaMax the inlet allows for a second connection of a satellite filter or surface skimmer. This feature is a must for larger ponds the ability to include a satellite filter that will circulate the water in other areas of the pond or a surface skim that takes light debris off the surface not only helps with maintenance but also visually improves your pond. The flow rate and flow distribution between the extension and casing can also be controlled easily.

SFC Switch:

On the Aquamax Eco Premium 12000, 16000 and 20000 there is a seasonal flow control, this allows the pump to adapt to its environment. When you have the seasonal flow control switch turned on, your filter pump will automatically change its flow with the pond temperature. So in the cooler months, the pump reduces the flow by 50%. This stops unnecessary water contact with the cold winter air and will also help to reduce running costs by up to 30%. If you have a skimmer or satellite strainer attached to the pump or a high head height, it is best to turn the seasonal flow control switch off as the reduced flow rates will not allow the pump to use a skimmer or go to it's maximum head height.

EFC Environmental function control:

During the start up process of the Aquamax Eco Premium there are some clever features that can often go unrecognised in these great pumps. The pump actually for the first 2-3 minutes undergoes a pre-programmed self test, this runs the pump through various different speeds and detects whether water is running through the pump correctly. If the pump does happen to run dry with no water going through it, the unit will then automatically switch itself off, the pump will automatically make new attempts to restart itself. If the pump has fully malfunctioned you will need to locate the blockage, or remove the pump and then fully submerge it again to see if there is an air lock in the set up. It can take up to approximately 7 hours for an Aquamax Eco Premium to achieve its maximum capacity.

Pump includes a guarantee with the manufacture for a total of 5 years

  • Top entry model with first-class price/performance ratio, in a new design
  • Thanks to the energy efficient motor, the AquaMax Eco Classic constantly saves power - and money
  • Displacement of coarse particles up to 8 mm
  • The completely redesigned classic – the entry level series of filter and watercourse pumps from OASE
  • A totally new form: Thanks to organic design, it can be integrated in ponds and watercourses, almost invisibly
  • Extremely economical: Thanks to its energy efficient motor, the AquaMax Eco Classic saves power and money while in operation
  • Suitable for use on swim ponds and bathing ponds (inserted in an exterior pump chamber)
  • Included in the scope of delivery: Special hose adapter with threaded collar for different hose sizes

Please note that as an outdoor electrical item, this product is not supplied with a plug.

Power Consumption Pump (w)10-3512-4515-6019-8810-11011-14515-180
Litres per hour max. (l/h)40006000800010000120001560019500
Max. head height (m)
Coarse debris displacement max. (mm) 10101010111111

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