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Aquamanta Phos Nitra Reducer 1400G
Aquamanta Phos Nitra Reducer 1400GA2410

AquaManta Phos-Nitra Reducer (1400g)


Phos-Nitra Reducer works to decrease the amount of Phosphate and Nitrate from the aquarium's water to help reduce nuisance algae and slime. Suitable for cold water tropical and marine aquariums.

Phos-Nitra Remover Features:

•Removes unwanted Phosphates and Nitrates to reduce algae and slime growth

•Helps to reduce aquarium maintenance

•Suitable for all filters

•Suitable for Coldwater and Tropical aquariums

•Available in 1400g


Aquamanta Phos-Nitra Reducer is suitable for use in all types of aquarium and pond filters to help improve water quality and in turn maintain clear water by reducing nutrients that algae feed upon. Replace every 4-8 weeks as required for optimum results. Phos-Nitra Reducer comes complete with a re-useable net media bag.



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