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Efx 200 Boxed
Efx 200 BoxedAquaManta EFX Standard External Filter Efx 200 UnboxedEfx 200 Filter HeadEfx 300 Side Unboxed
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AquaManta EFX Standard External Filter


Maidenhead Aquatics are delighted to bring you yet another exclusive product- the AquaManta EFX External Filter.


Maidenhead Aquatics are delighted to bring you yet another exclusive product- the AquaManta EFX External Filter. Available in 200, 300, 400 and 600.

  • High powered yet quiet and energy efficient design
  • Quick release tap system ensures simple mess-free maintenance
  • Integrated Priming button means effortless restarting of filter after power off
  • Supplied complete with all filter media and accessories for quick and easy to follow set up
  • Complete step by step instruction manual included too ensure successful fish keeping
  • 4 Year guarantee

The EFX System Advantages:

The EFX filters combine the latest technology to provide a quiet and efficient filter that delivers what you expect – superb water quality

The combination of multiple media’s ensures the balance of mechanical, chemical and biological processes ensure healthy water conditions in your aquarium. Water enters the filter and is pumped to the base of the canister filter where it is evenly distributed across the base. From there it flows upwards firstly through the 15ppi Course Foam to extract the larger particles. 2nd phase is the Activated Carbon Module which traps the finer particles, helps remove dissolved organic matter. Carbon also removes chloramines, Chlorine, heavy metals as well as helping to maintain clear water by removing ‘dyes’ from the water. Water then passes to the Advanced Biological Media which is where most of the transformation of ammonia and nitrites will take place through specific bacteria that will colonise on the extremely porous surface of this excellent media. In the final chamber of the filter the water first travels through a Medium Foam that provides additional biological filtration properties. The Phosphate Removal Pad removes unwanted phosphates from the water helping to eliminate algae and slime growth in the aquarium. It improves water quality and reduces maintenance requirements. Finally the White Wool Filter Pad removes microscopic particles and polished the water before it returns to the aquarium.

The integrated Quick Release Tap System means mess free, fast and simple removal of the filter unit for your regular maintenance.

The AquaManta EFX range- the complete filtration system includes all fittings required for easy set up on any aquarium

Please contact your local store for availability.

Brought to you exclusively by the award winning Maidenhead Aquatics, leading the way in responsible fishkeeping procedures and innovation.

*media content may vary slightly from model to model

EFX 200EFX 300EFX 400EFX 600
Max Flow800 L/Hr1100 L/Hr1400 L/Hr2700 L/Hr
Power Consumption12.5W22W22W32W
Suitable For75-90cm Aquarium up to 200L filter capacity90-120cm Aquarium up to 300L filter capacity120-150cm Aquarium up to 400L filter capacity150-180cm Aquarium up to 600L filter capacity2m
Max. Head Height1.3m1.5m1.5m2m

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