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Aquacare Phosphate
Aquacare Phosphate

AquaCare Phosphate Test Kit


The AquaCare Phosphate Test Kit is exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics. This phosphate indicator test is a must have for freshwater fishkeepers and includes 40 tests that should be carried out weekly or any time you are concerned about the health of your fish. Phosphate is a major nutrient found principally in fish food to help with growth, good bone formation and many other biological processes. Invariably, phosphate is also produced as a waste product by fish and breakdown of other matter. Phosphate is less toxic to established aquarium fish but exposure to excessively high levels can be damaging and lethal to delicate species. Phosphate is also a major nutrient for plants and algae. Excessive phosphate in the water is a major contributor to the excessive growth of unwanted algae. Monitoring and maintaining a low concentration of phosphate will result in a healthier aquatic environment and less nuisance algae.

The AquaCare Phosphate test has been specifically designed for the potential use of first time fishkeepers meaning that the tests are easy to carry out and understand. Ensure the test tube is clean. Take a 5 ml sample of aquarium water into the test tube, preferably using the syringe provided. Add 5 drops of the phosphate reagent, place the cap on the tube and mix gently for a few seconds. Wait 5 minutes for the test to develop, remove the cap and look down through the test tube to determine the colour. Compare this colour to the colour chart provided to determine the phosphate concentration.

Phosphate concentration can normally be kept in check by regular partial water changes. Some phosphate may also be introduced by tap water, so check the amount of phosphate present in the tap supply. For further phosphate removal, phosphate removers can be used. The ideal phosphate concentration should be as close to zero as possible. While some phosphate is desirable to aid with the healthy growth of higher plants, only trace amounts between 0 and 0.25 mg/L PO4-P are required.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate results
  • Suitable for freshwater use only


  • 40 liquid test kits
  • Test Tube for water sampling
  • Colour chart for accurate results

Should you have any further concerns regarding your water quality please visit your most local store with a water sample and our friendly staff members will do their best to help and advise you on further steps.

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