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Aqua Care Nitrate Test Kit
Aqua Care Nitrate Test Kit

AquaCare Nitrate Test Kit


The AquaCare Nitrate Test Kit is exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics. This nitrate indicator test is a must have for freshwater fishkeepers and includes 30 tests that should be carried out weekly or any time you are concerned about the health of your fish. Nitrate should be tested for weekly, although it’s less toxic than ammonia and nitrite to an established aquarium, excessively high levels can be damaging and potentially lethal to delicate species. A further side effect of high levels of nitrate in an aquarium is the potential growth of excessive algae. Aquaria with high levels of nitrate frequently have problems with algae and blanket weed and whilst this isn’t a huge issue, as it’s a natural way to reduce nitrate, algae and blanket weed are very unsightly. If an aquarium has insufficient live plants to help absorb nitrate, then algae will begin to dominate.

The AquaCare Nitrate test has been specifically designed for the potential use of first time fishkeepers meaning that the tests are easy to carry out and understand. To carry out the test, take a small 5ml sample of water from your aquarium. Shake the nitrate-1 solution well, and add 6 drops. Repeat this process with the nitrate-2 solution. Once finished wait 10 minutes and match the water colour to the colour chart on the reverse of the box to find out your aquariums nitrate level.

Should you see an unusually high reading of Nitrate in your water, we would advise that you contact your local store in the first instance for help and advice. Maintenance of a zero level of nitrate in an aquarium is extremely difficult. Most domestic water supplies have a low level of nitrate. The key to maintenance of low nitrates is regular water changes to dilute the buildup of nitrate. Also, increasing the higher plant life in the aquarium should use up nitrate. This will lower the amount of nitrate available to algae. As nitrate production is a by-product of bacterial filtration, the use of a Hydra unit can bypass its accumulation.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate results
  • Suitable for freshwater use only


  • 30 liquid test kits
  • Test Tube for water sampling
  • Colour chart for accurate results

Should you have any further concerns regarding your water quality please visit your most local store with a water sample and our friendly staff members will do their best to help and advise you on further steps.

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