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Aqua Care General Hardness
Aqua Care General Hardness

AquaCare Hardness Test Kit


The AquaCare GH Test Kit is exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics. This GH indicator test is a must have for freshwater fishkeepers and includes 80 tests that should be carried out weekly or any time you are concerned about the health of your fish. General Hardness is a measure of the sum total of minerals dissolved in the water. Water can be either ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ depending on the amount of dissolved minerals, (the more minerals the greater the hardness). The dissolved minerals that make up the hardness of the water are all essential for the biological processes that occur in the aquarium. If the hardness is too low then these processes cannot function sufficiently, and the aquarium will begin to stagnate. Regular testing is essential, as the GH will decrease as these minerals are used up by the aquarium life.

The AquaCare GH test has been specifically designed for the potential use of first time fishkeepers meaning that the tests are easy to carry out and understand. Ensure the test tube is clean. Take a 5 ml sample of aquarium water into the test tube, preferably using the syringe provided. Take the GH A reagent and add two drops. Mix and the water sample should turn dark pink. Add one drop of GH B and mix. Keep adding drops one by one (remember to count the drops!), mixing between drops, until the dark pink colour turns to blue. The number of drops needed to bring about the colour change is equal to the GH value in °GH. Should the first drop of GH B reagent turn the sample blue then the GH value is below 1°GH.

Test the GH of your tap water. If it is above 8°GH then regular water changes should ensure the GH is topped up. If the GH value is low then it is vital to check the pH and KH of the water as well. This test kit measures GH in °GH (where one degree = 17.8 ppm CaCO3). Maintenance of a level of at least 8°GH will ensure the biological processes of the aquarium can continue to function. The ideal level is dependant on what type of species of fish you are keeping.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate results
  • Suitable for freshwater use only


  • 80 liquid test kits
  • Test Tube for water sampling
  • Colour chart for accurate results

Should you have any further concerns regarding your water quality please visit your most local store with a water sample and our friendly staff members will do their best to help and advise you on further steps.

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