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Aqua Care Coral Dip
Aqua Care Coral Dip

AquaCare Coral Dip


The AquaCare Coral Dip is exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics. Coral dip can be used to treat new coral before adding it to your new aquarium. Our Coral Dip steralises and medicates your corals to stop infections and stoways coming into your tank. Coral Dip acts as a medication for corals. Using natural ingredients to expel common coral pest, while staying gentle on your host coral.

The AquaCare Coral Dip has been specifically designed for the potential use of first time fishkeepers meaning that the tests are easy to carry out and understand. Take 2 pipettes of Coral Dip per liter and immerse coral in the solution for 5-10 minutes. Shake your coral occasionally to help separate unwanted animals from the corals. Should coral needed to be treated again, the treatment can be repeated 1 week after, should pests have hatched since the original treatment. When treating coral use water from your aquarium

AquaCare Coral Dip is safe to use on Soft, LPs and SPS corals.

Please note this product should not be used inside your aquarium, please bath all new corals before adding them to your aquarium.

Should you have any further concerns regarding your water quality please visit your most local store with a water sample and our friendly staff members will do their best to help and advise you on further steps.

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