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Aqua Care Amonia
Aqua Care Amonia

AquaCare Ammonia Test Kit


The AquaCare Ammonia Test Kit is exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics. This Ammonia indicator test is a must have for freshwater fishkeepers and includes 40 tests that should be carried out weekly or any time you are concerned about the health of your fish. Ammonia is excreted by the fish as a waste product. It is extremely toxic to the fish, and is broken down into less toxic nitrite by the beneficial bacteria in the filter of your aquarium. Ammonia is most toxic to fish when the pH is alkaline and temperature is high, so it is most dangerous in cichlid or marine aquaria. Any ammonia present in the aquarium water will cause major health problems for the fish. Toxic ammonia can build up in aquaria where there are not sufficient beneficial filter bacteria to deal with the total waste from all the fish in the aquarium. This situation can commonly arise in new aquaria, when new fish are added, when the filter bacteria have been disrupted (e.g during cleaning), or during accidental mis-dosing of aquarium medications.

The AquaCare Ammonia test has been specifically designed for the potential use of first time fishkeepers meaning that the tests are easy to carry out and understand. Take a 5 ml sample of aquarium water into the test tube. Add 5 drops of the reagent Ammonia 1 and 5 drops of Ammonia 2 and 5 drops of Ammonia 3. Replace the test tube cap and mix. Wait 10 minutes, and then compare the colour of the sample to the colour scale provided. Zero ammonia is represented by a yellow colour. Any hint of green in the sample indicates the presence of ammonia.

There is no occasion where any ammonia is tolerable in an aquarium. A level of zero mg/l(ppm) must be maintained at all times. Ensure the test tube is clean. If a level of 0.2 mg/l (ppm) is recorded then add a filter booster such as AquaCare Bioboost. If a level above this is recorded then a substantial water change is essential, please speak to your most local store for advice. If you do record an ammonia level in your aquarium, then it is important to check other vital water quality parameters, especially pH and Nitrite. For an immediate solution to ammonia, view our Ocean Free products.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate results
  • Suitable for freshwater use only


  • 40 liquid test kits
  • Test Tube for water sampling
  • Colour chart for accurate results

Should you have any further concerns regarding your water quality please visit your most local store with a water sample and our friendly staff members will do their best to help and advise you on further steps.

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