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Aqua Marin Bio Pearls 500ml
Aqua Marin Bio Pearls 500ml
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Aqua Marin Bio Pearls


Aqua Marin Bio Pearls have been specifically researched and manufactured for use in aquaria to reduce levels of nitrates and phosphates.


Aqua Marin Bio Pearls have been specifically researched and manufactured for use in aquaria to reduce levels of nitrates and phosphate. Our pearls are manufactured to the highest quality standards from a pure polymer source. They also contain a buffer which will help to maintain a stable pH.

Aqua Marin Bio Pearls work by supplying a breeding ground and food source for de-phosphorising and de-nitrifying bacteria. The pearls provide these bacterial strains with the essential nutrients needed for successful growth acceleration. This massive acceleration of beneficial bacterial growth, promotes rapid clarification and purification of the water column hence reducing unwanted Phosphates and Nitrates. These unwanted nutrients are converted to a state easily exported from your system via a protein skimmer.
Directions for use:
Use approximately 100 – 150ml of AquaMarin Bio Pearls per 100 litres of system volume and for best results they should be fluidised in an appropriate reactor. If they start to clump or slime up, they will be less effective and may turn anaerobic, producing hydrogen sulphide. We also recommend not to add all of the pearls at once but instead increase this gradually. This will ensure slower system adaptation and reduce the likelihood of shock from stripping nutrients from the water column too quickly.
  • Begin by using half the recommended amount.
  • Day 1: Add 50ml of AquaMarin Bio Pearls per 100 litres of system volume, run these in for at least 1 -2 weeks (bedding in period) or until your nutrient levels begin to fall. Then top up the pearls weekly until you have approximately 100-150ml per 100 litres of system volume.
  • If your nutrient levels are high to begin with, start off with an even smaller initial amount and build up slowly. This will stop nutrient levels being stripped out too quickly.
  • Try and feed the effluent (output) of the reactor into, or as close to a protein skimmer intakeas possible. This will ensure the maximum export of bacterial mulm and nutrients.
  • If applicable, limit the use of Ozone, at least during the first 2-6 weeks of use. This will ensure maximum bacterial recruitment and uptake.
  • Always maintain sufficient flow through the pearls to keep them moving. Insufficient flowmay result in the pearls sliming up and turning into an anaerobic state which could produce hydrogen sulphide.
  • Also, please remember that you will essentially end up with a low nutrient system. As a result we recommend adding coral food on a regular basis to nourish your corals and keep them fit, colourful and healthy.
Measuring reference:
  • 50ml of pearls = approx. 44 grams
  • 150ml of pearls = approx. 132 grams
  • 1litre of pearls = approx. 880 grams
Please contact your local store for further information and current availability
Brought to you exclusively by the award winning Maidenhead Aquatics, leading the way in responsible fishkeeping procedures and innovation.

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