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API TROPICAL PELLETS Sinking Pellets Fish Food
API TROPICAL PELLETS Sinking Pellets Fish Food API TROPICAL PELLETS Sinking Pellets Fish Food 1
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API TROPICAL PELLETS Sinking Pellets Fish Food



    Feed your tropical community fish a protein-enriched diet that has been scientifically formulated to promote healthy growth and cleaner, clearer water with API TROPICAL PELLETS Sinking Pellets Fish Food. When fish are overfed or fed food with low palatability, the buildup of poorly-digested and unconsumed food in aquarium water can lead to increased waste and raised ammonia levels, which is toxic to fish. The increased toxins and stress can cause gill damage, illness and death. By feeding your tropical fish API TROPICAL PELLETS, you're giving them a complete, balanced diet that's ideal for them. Each pellet contains nutritionally-enhanced proteins to promote optimal digestion and produce overall less ammonia. This fish food is ideal for tropical community fish including Angelfish, Tetras, Barbs and Discus.


    • For tropical community fish such as Angelfish, Tetras, Barbs and Discus
    • Release up to 30% Less Ammonia
    • For Clean, Clear Water
    • Optimal Protein for healthy growth & healthy environment

    API has developed a fish food diet that delivers a healthier aquatic environment for fish and clean, clear water. API food was formulated in the UK at the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition, a leading scientific authority in pet nutrition and wellbeing. Laboratory testing has proven that API Fish Food delivers up to 30% less ammonia than the leading competitor.

    Overfeeding, low palatability and low quality ingredients lead to unconsumed or poorly digested food. This raises the ammonia level in the aquarium, causes cloudy water and even fish death. API Fish Food diets contain a unique, nutritionally enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients, for maximum absorption. Fish more readily use the nutrients and release less ammonia, for cleaner, clearer water.

    API Fish Food, The Clear Choice in Fish Nutrition

    Tropical Pellets provides a complete & balanced diet for all tropical community fish, including Angelfish, Tetras, Barbs and Discus.

    Feeding Guide: Feed twice a day. Feed the amount of food your fish will consume within three minutes.

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    UK - 823A 45g

    UK - 823B 117g

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