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API Aquarium Start Up Pack
API Aquarium Start Up Pack
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Ideal for starting a new aquarium.

API AQUARIUM START-UP PACK comes with one 37 ml bottle of API STRESS COAT, and one 37 ml bottle of API QUICK START. API STRESS COAT works to make tap water safe for fish, as well as reduce overall fish stress using soothing Aloe Vera. API QUICK START starts the aquarium cycle by adding live, nitrifying bacteria to aquarium water, helping to convert poisonous compounds from fish waste and uneaten food into harmless substances. Also allows the instant addition of fish. Plain tap water contains chemicals that are harmful to fish, and API STRESS COAT will neutralize these chemicals for a healthy start-up aquarium. Dose according to directions on product packaging. For use in fresh or saltwater aquariums.

Contains Stress Coat to make tap water safe - Stress Coat removes chlorine and chloramines and neutralises heavy metals.

Contains Quick Start to immediately start the biological cycle - Quick Start allows the safer introduction of fish by limiting ammonia and nitrite.

Each pack contains: 30ml Stress Coat (treats 227L of water) and 30ml Quick Start (treats 113L of water).

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