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Head Office

We are always pleased to receive your comments and feedback as they help us to continually improve our standards and our understanding of the needs of both our customers and our livestock. If you have an enquiry about something you’ve bought, a comment about an experience you've had with us or a general question about fishkeeping, then do get in touch.

Please note however that our Head Office only performs an administrative and accounting function. Our fishkeeping expertise lies with the friendly and dedicated staff in our stores, and for this reason we recommend and kindly ask that you contact your local Maidenhead Aquatics store with any questions in the first instance.

If you feel that your enquiry has not been successfully dealt with at store level, however, then please write to us at the address below:

Maidenhead Aquatics
PO box 619
TW20 2BS

Alternatively please click here to email us.

If your enquiry is regarding an online order please contact us via this form.

N.B. Any garden centres interested in having a Maidenhead Aquatics concession on site should write to us at the address above. We can then arrange an initial meeting to discuss the suitability of the available area and the terms of any agreement.

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